Sat, 27th of September


if you’re a lil confused because this doesn’t seem like my normal blog, that’s because I changed my url. This is my lil baby side blog I’m going to use for travelling later this year. My main blog is now whathohoratio, and you should sidle on over there (◠‿◠✿) 

Sat, 27th of September


Horatio & Ophelia. We rocked the first two shows, and we’ve already had three fantastic reviews!! Everything is peachy :—)

Sat, 27th of September


Core studies exploration of message and vehicle// I decided to do it as Ophelia (wearing her mad scene underwear & and the lilies that are put on me in her grave) as a sort of goodbye to the show?? I guess?? It’s a quote from Winnie the Pooh & and I also thought it was interesting how its context changed from a death lily to a female body

(Not intending to romanticise the poor girl btw!!)

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Sun, 17th of February

Sometimes I really want to draw Hobbit fanart, and then I’m overwhelmed with how excellent other people’s is.

But, I humbly present some Papa!Thranduil and Baby!Legolas anyway.

Mon, 6th of August

Oh, and I coloured my Sylvia animation too. Now I just have to animate the facial features and I’m done!

Mon, 6th of August

I scribbled a really quick Lady Loki during a lecture. And then, you know, casual bad!scribblings of her children.

Thu, 19th of July

Part of the process and the completed base for the Zelda Fitzgerald part of my animation. Yipee!

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Fri, 8th of June
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Tue, 22nd of May




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Mon, 14th of May

Life drawing from 14/5/12

Sun, 13th of May

Categorising my copic markers for my time in England. Eeeee!

Mon, 7th of May


Beatrice Offor - Circe, 1911

Mon, 7th of May

Relevent-to-my-url sketch that I’m doomed to spend the rest of my life trying to finish.

Mon, 7th of May

Four frames from an animation I’m working on. (The fourth one, and all other surrounding frames, look like they’re possessed. Whelp)

Mon, 7th of May

Journal Cover for this year’s art. I have a bit of a thing for colours and talking frogs.